Supporting association

Nature and forest kindergarten at Samainhof e.V.

 The nature and forest kindergarten is committed to the basic idea of "pedagogy of perception and nature experience".

His goal is education and upbringing in nature, whereby the holistic experience of nature is in the foreground as well as the health and strengthening of the child's body and the strengthening of his immune system by spending time outdoors. The long-term goal of the nature and forest kindergarten is to strengthen the children's perception and judgement, to strengthen their ability for self-determination, to enable them to communicate interculturally and to encourage social and ecological responsibility.

As the sponsor of the nature and forest kindergarten, the sponsoring association creates childcare for the catchment area of the cities of Parsberg, Velburg and the surrounding area. In addition to the upbringing and education of children of kindergarten age, the association also carries the basic ideas of "pedagogy of perception and nature experience" into the areas of life of children, young people and adults as well as into the institutions working in this area. In addition, he develops a concept for a situation-related and family-related promotion of education on scientific and social-pedagogical foundations and develops it further.