Take a child by the hand and let them lead you. Look at the stones it picks up and listen to what it tells you and it will show you a world you have long forgotten.

"I've never tried that before, so I'm totally confident that I can do it."  Astrid Lindgren

Whenever a child sits in front of a smartphone or television, an adventure dies somewhere on a tree.

"Children carry the potential of the world in their hands." Arno Stern

"I love you because you are who you are." Arno Stern

"We didn't inherit the earth from our parents, we just borrowed it from our children." Indianisches Zitat

Welcome to the nature and forest kindergarden at the Samainhof

A place where every child feels comfortable and secure from an early age, where they are discoverers and inventors, where they can simply be themselves and explore their innermost being.

Here you get to our concept of the nature and forest kindergarten

The special thing about our nature and forest kindergarten

Our nature and forest kindergarten is an open-air kindergarten.
A group of up to 20 children goes with two educators every day into the forest and into the great outdoors.

Our kindergarten is mainly attended by German and American children, other languages are also represented, so the children are introduced to different languages in a playful way.

The Samainhof is the ideal place for the first nature and forest kindergarten in the Upper Palatinate, because: We are surrounded by forest, meadows and fields. Horses, donkeys, goats, cats, rabbits, chickens, cattle and a dog live on the farm. We have enough space to climb the fruit trees, to plant flowers and vegetables, to nurture and care for them. There are enough natural materials such as sand, clay, stones, wood, etc. to unfold and develop creativity. In case of heavy rain or freezing cold, there are also rooms directly at the Samainhof. We can stay in the Indian tipi, in the tree house, in the kindergarten house or in the kindergarten room with kitchen at the Samainhof or eat and paint under the covered terrace and listen to the drumming of the rain. Places for a warm campfire can be found.

In joint cooperation between the employees, parents and the Samainhof, new projects and premises are constantly being created, such as a composting toilet by the tree house, raised beds, a wooden toy wagon and a newly created vegetable garden.


The nature and forest kindergarten at the Samainhof is under the sponsorship of the nature and forest education at the Samainhof am Samainhof e.V..

Membership in the sponsoring association costs €50 per year. Supporting memberships are also very welcome.

Parental contributions

The monthly parental contributions are currently €125.50 per month for all state-supported children. Parents in Bavaria currently receive a subsidy of €100 per month, which reduces the contributions accordingly.

For children who are not subsidized by the state, other monthly contributions apply, which can be requested from the kindergarten management.

Opening hours

Our nature and forest kindergarten at the Samainhof is open from Monday to Friday from 8.45 a.m. to 1.15 p.m. including pick-up and drop-off times.

Closing times

The kindergarten is closed on public holidays. You can find out our closing times for 2023 here.


Registrations are possible throughout the year. We would be happy to put your child on our waiting list. If we have available kindergarten places, we will arrange taster days with you and your child, where we can get to know each other.