A day in our kindergarten

In order to give you an impression of our kindergarten and the processes, we would like to take you with us and experience a kindergarten day together with you.

It's 8:45 a.m., the sun is already casting its rays over the treetops onto our sand court, and little by little the first children are arriving. Some storm off straight away and say hello to the horses in the paddock, their friends or the educators, others need a little time to settle in, cuddle up with their parents for a moment or just want to play for themselves.
Until 9.15 the children play in the sand, dig, dig, build and experiment freely, climbing on the slope and on the low branches of the trees on the sandpit.
When everyone has arrived, we gather and go down together to our kindergarten place, where the children hang their backpacks on the outside wardrobe and decide freely what they want to do.
Some cook daisy soup and mud cake in the kindergarten play kitchen, others paint great pictures at the painting station, still others drive the vehicles or play under the old fruit trees. The chickens and peacocks visit us and are generously fed with sunflower seeds. We and some children fetch the ponies and take them to the pasture next to the kindergarten.
At 10 a.m. we settle down near the ponies, between daisies and dandelions, in the soft grass, the sun is already warming and the birds are singing. It's morning circle time.
We sing a welcome song together, musical instruments are distributed, a few songs are sung together and accompanied with the instruments, then one child would like to sing their own song, another would like the "Lion Hunt".
After the morning circle, around 10:30 a.m., we tidy up together, the children take their backpacks and off we go into the forest, today we want to go to the tree house.
It goes across the yard, past the goats, which are greeted briefly, up the mountain, past the lizards, where we even see one sunbathing, through a piece of forest to the meadow in front of the tree house.

Here we spread out our sleeping pads in a circle, the children put down their backpacks, many of them are having a hearty snack, the walk was a bit strenuous. Others can't wait to play and explore their favorite spots. There is the wooden toy wagon, which makes a great playhouse for the children, they have built a camp for little robbers under a large fir tree, there are many tunnels and passages in the bushes through which they crawl enthusiastically. A few children are picking flowers or playing wild horses in the meadow.
Today we also have tools with us, if you want you can peel and saw up dead branches with a small saw or a potato peeler, smooth them out with sandpaper and decorate them with collected leaves, colorful threads and feathers.
The kindergarten cat Asoka accompanied us to the tree house and now climbs trees, darts past the children and comes to us from time to time to pet them.
The time flies, at 12:30 p.m. we unfortunately have to pack everything up again and start our way back. Things are going well downhill, many children have brought their parents home with them, beautiful self-designed sticks, found flowers, feathers, stones or snail shells. Some have collected so much that they can hardly carry it anymore.
Shortly before 1:00 p.m. we arrive back at the sand court, exhausted but happy. Some parents are already waiting and are greeted happily, their children tell all about their experiences. There is still a bit of playing in the sand, some children take off their shoes, it has gotten really warm now. Some don't want to go home at all and hide behind the donkey stable and giggle.
But even the best day of kindergarten comes to an end at some point, after many goodbyes from friends and teachers, the last children are on their way home at 1:15 p.m.
Fortunately, tomorrow is kindergarten again and many new adventures are waiting for us.